Kerry grew up on a farm in the western district of Victoria. For years Kerry watched her parents working full-time, her brother and her had to make our own way to school, come home from school and do chores on the farm each day. On weekends, the family fixed and built things around the farm to make life a little easier. It was all very simple, but very exciting. There was always something to do.

Kerry gained mechanical and resourceful skills during growing up on the farm and left school to work full-time and start building a career. In 1996, Kerry moved to Geelong, and went door to door with her resume and quickly obtained a role to start building from.

Kerry spent the next 3 years working in retail and customer service base roles and in 1999, Kerry opened her first business, at the tender age of 22.

In 2013, Kerry had been working across various industries that progressed to management positions, and found that throughout this journey, all the principles remained the same.

Moving to Melbourne and joining the dental industry in 2013 became a challenging and rewarding adventure with the step into great working relationships and forward motions with technology. Outside of work Kerry enjoys working and spending time with close family.her


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